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Great looking hair

Vivaldi For Hair is all about great looking hair that helps our clients ooze confidence and style but on a budget

When it comes to great looking hair, you can still get the lush locks you crave without carving up your savings or credit card. It is possible to invest in your hair whilst feeling and looking amazing, at Vivaldi for Hair we love to help find the perfect combination of services and products to help you create your superstar look within your budget.  Here’s some suggestions on how.

To dye for

There are plenty of colour options now at Vivaldi to allow everyone to shine like never before.  The key to great coloured hair is to consider it as an investment think about what you want your colour to say, how often you can afford time and money to visit the salon for retouches and maintenance and the versatility of colour – do you want to change it often or stick within your comfort and just look amazing every day.

So many options now with our amazing Wella colour ranges – Koleston perfect (permanent colour range) and Colour touch (semi-permanent colour range) and Adore our funky trendy wash out colours to choose from.  It is true the old saying you can tell a Wella woman by the way she wears her hair.   Whether its going just a few shades lighter or darker than your natural colour or a complete look at me colour change.  Vivaldi stylists will assist you with finding the perfect shade and technique to suit you and your lifestyle choices.

Treats are good

Regular deep conditioning treatments, every four to five washes at home and once every 4 – 6 weeks in the salon, will keep your hair looking gorgeous without costing big bucks. Set aside some time on the weekend or on that Thursday night to book in for your own mini-spa at Vivaldi and lavish your hair with a nourishing treatment whilst catching up on the latest gossip magazine or just purely sinking in the precious me time.

Style file

There is nothing like going on the night out when everyone looks or having your husbands or boyfriends head turn and do the snap look when you entire the room and lets be honest its generally the way our hair is styled that gives us the confidence to achieve that.   At Vivaldi we pride ourselves on a blow out, ghd curl, set or hair up that wows.   We want you to leave looking and feeling like a million bucks without the price tag.   Vivaldi team are trained to supply the styling look to achieve this and to assist you at home we recommend and stock the amazing new Wella Eimi Styling range.  Eimi allows us to express our styling skills whilst allowing our clients to express their individuality.  With Eimi we can truly help clients to be themselves whilst interpreting the latest trend. Speak style then speak Eimi at Vivaldi.

Sudsing up

When your hair’s in great condition you won’t need to use as much product to keep it looking fantastic so at Vivaldi For Hair we use and recommend the Wella, System Professional and Eimi styling ranges.

If you colour your hair, choose a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair your insurance policy to it staying great and helps it last longer.   With ranges and products suitable for those wanting to achieve longer lasting colour, volume in their hair, sleekness to their locks we have something for everyone.  Home hair care keeps our hair looking amazing in between visits not just the day we leave the salon.  Vivaldi for Hair quite often have great deals with home hair care packs – drop in any time and see what we currently have.


Salon Locations

Canning Vale / Livingston

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Corner Ranford Road & Nicholson Road
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